About me

Hello, I’m Julie and I’m a Certified Specialist Anxiety Trainer (CSAT), qualified through the world leading expert and author on Separation Anxiety, Malena De Martini’s CSAT development programme: I am one of only a few CSATs in the UK.  

I always want to offer the best to my clients and so I sought out the best, the ‘gold standard’ of the CSAT qualification to enable me to work effectively with dogs and their families who suffer from the effects of this devastating condition.

I have a wealth of other skills in dog behaviour modification having learnt from leading trainers and behaviourists including Malena DeMartini, Steve Mann, Chirag Patel, Dr Amber Batson VB, Michael Shikashio, Grisha Stewart and many more.

The principles of canine behavioural science support me to train dogs ethically, without pain, fear, intimidation or force.

I live in Gloucestershire with my Border Terriers, Fynn and Mouse. Mouse is the dog who took my interest in dogs and their behaviour from a guardian perspective to a trainer/ behaviourist one. Mouse suffered from separation anxiety. My early attempts to find kind, ethical and successful support for him lead me to question the advice I was given: it didn’t work – at best it didn’t make him suffer more – but for a while, the help I sought made his (and my life) more difficult.

Learning about how dogs learn and how they behave and how their emotions and the environment drive their behaviour has been a life-changing one for me and has enabled me to help and support numerous humans and their family dogs, including my own Mouse.  I understand the distress, frustration and hopeless feelings that come with living with a dog with separation anxiety and this guides my support for my clients.  I’ve walked in your shoes. I also know there is hope, and the joy of being able to live our lives together without anxiety.

I am looking forward to becoming your expert mentor, coach, guide and cheerleader as we work through your dog’s separation anxiety rehabilitation training programme.

Let me help you to step from the unhappiness of now to the hope and relief of the future so you can leave your dog alone at home stress-free. Yes, it really is possible.

My promise to you

Your dog is an animal with feelings and emotions, and they are unique.  Each and every dog I work with is different and there are many variables involved in their separation-related and other behaviours, including genetics, your dog’s general health, the environment they live in, and of course, the commitment to undertaking training and following the plan.  If you are willing to fully commit to the training plan and your dog, I will promise that:

  • I will be honest and open with you about the probability of recovery and let you know during the first appointment if I believe that I cannot help
  • I will use only methods that are kind and gentle for your dog.  Force, fear and pain have no space in any training plan and I will never ask you to do anything that may damage your relationship with your best friend
  • I will fully support you through various mediums throughout your dog’s route to recovery
  • I will only use methods which are scientifically robust and current.  My own professional development is important and I will seek ways to improve my knowledge and skills to offer you the best possible outcomes

In return, I ask you to commit to your dog, and accept the following:

  • You will not leave them alone at any time throughout the period of training, except when following the steps of the training plan
  • You will be pro-active and committed to working with your dog
  • You will fully engage in the training plan and follow instructions closely
  • You will be open to looking for solutions that may be needed to set your dog up for success.


Happy dogs = happy homes

Let me help you free yourself and your dog from a life limited by anxiety.  I can create a personalised and tailored Separation Anxiety treatment plan for you and your dog, and help you both back to enjoying life together.

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