This Dachshund is showing signs of anxiety.  This is what being home alone looks like for many dogs.  It’s a hard watch isn’t it?  Separation Anxiety cannot be sugar-coated.  It’s a major well-being and welfare issue for many dogs and their families. 

I understand this and I can help.

Separation Anxiety is a condition that affects the whole family, not just the family dog.  Have you been trying to cope, trying to find a solution to help relieve your dog’s distress, are you feeling hopeless, frustrated, confused?  You are not alone.  These feelings are common, experienced by all families who live with a dog with separation anxiety.

I have a solution for you.

Separation Anxiety training is a programme for building a long-term recovery for dogs with separation anxiety.  And I have a unique skill.  All those behaviours that are so distressing for your dog and you, the barking, howling, the panic that leads to damage of your possessions and accidents in the house – these can stop right now.

Take 30 minutes for yourself to clear your head, get some answers and support from an expert Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) and find relief by booking a call with me. 

Common signs of separation anxiety

I can help!

If you are living with a dog with separation anxiety – a dog unable to be left alone without distress – you are suffering too.

Whether you’ve stopped doing the things you enjoy, or you are returning home to destruction and chaos, anxiety takes its toll.

I am a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT), specialising in innovative and proven separation anxiety training.  My goal is to end the stress and frustration you are experiencing and the distress of your dog.  I help your dog learn to enjoy his alone time, so you can leave them at home, confident that they are calm and relaxed. 

If you are ready for relief for you and your dog, let’s take the first step together: schedule your initial consult today.

Ready to take the first step on this transformational journey for you and your dog? 

Arrange a (free) call with me today, using the calendar below and find out how I can help you to relieve your dogs alone time anxiety.

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